Furniture Assembly Tips

How to easily and quickly assemble furniture
Apr 27, 2020
How to easily and quickly assemble furniture

Just about every has bought a shelf, table, or chair from a big box store. This furniture usually come in flat boxes, contains vague instructions, and almost always missing parts. After years of assembling these random pieces of furniture, we’ve learned a thing or two on how to make assembly easier. In this article, we’ll go over some helpful tips for furniture assembly you can use on your next project.

Clean Your Workspace

Before starting any assembly, it’s important to clean and clear your working area. Having a large, open area to assemble furniture means you can spread out parts and not worry about hiding that tiny bag of screws that seems to always go missing.

Grab A Partner

Having someone to help you assemble the furniture can be very helpful, and sometimes even fun. One person can read directions while the other searches for the right part. When you work with someone else the assembly goes by quicker and often times better.

Unpack & Organize

With your workspace cleared, open the furniture box and begin separating contents. Group pieces together by visual similarity. Assembled furniture often comes with various screws, nuts, bolts, caps, and so forth. You can organize these small parts with sandwich bags or cups to keep them from scattering during assembly.

Read The Instructions

We all know someone who refuses to read directions for assembly. While their assembly projects might be completed with no issue, this approach can lead to serious problems when assembling a more complex piece of furniture. When you read the directions begin identifying the listed to familiarize yourself during actually assembly. 

Grab The Right Tools

If you’re buying a less complex piece of furniture, it will often come with the tools needed for assembly; usually a hex key (also called allen wrench). If you’re assembling something a little more complex, you might need a few extra tools to make the process easier. Some helpful tools to have are an adjustable wrench, phillips and flathead screwdriver, rubber mallet, a level, and tape measure.

Take Your Time

Remember that putting furniture together isn’t a race. When you rush through an assembly, something will probably be missed, causing problems with the final product. Be patient and double check your work to ensure the furniture is put together correctly the first time.

Call A Handyman

If you don’t have time to assemble furniture, or maybe you can’t quite finish a piece, calling a professional handyman could be the solution.

Smith Handyman Service has experience with different types of furniture and all the necessary tools to make assembly a breeze. We offer a full line of furniture assembly services. If you need a hand, we’ve got you covered. 

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