How to Build Storage Under Your Deck

Decide ahead of time what you will need to store
Mar 6, 2022

A deck in your backyard can be a great place to entertain or for kids to play. You can have cookouts and enjoy being outdoors on a pleasant day. That deck can also double as storage, either on top of or underneath your deck. If there’s space underneath your deck, turning it into a storage space is a great way to use it. Otherwise, all that space might go to waste.

Have Your Deck Inspected

The first step in building storage under your deck is to assess the deck’s condition. If it’s a brand new deck, then you can probably safely assume that it’s in good enough condition to build storage. But if your deck is older, it’s a good idea to have it inspected before starting any projects involving it. You may want to consider hiring a professional to do the inspection.

You may also want to ask the professional for advice on building the storage space, such as what kind would work best with your deck.

Decide What You Want to Store

It’s important to know ahead of time exactly what you want to store under your deck. This is because the type of items you want to store will determine how you need to build the storage space. For example, if everything that needs to be stored under the deck is waterproof or water-resistant, then you don’t have to worry about the storage space staying dry. However, if it’s not waterproof, you’ll need to make sure that the storage space itself can keep those items dry and protected.

Build a Storage Space

storage under deck

If what you’re storing doesn’t need to be kept dry, then you can build a basic storage area. You’ll need to make sure that the ground underneath the deck is graded so that water that does get in will drain away instead of pooling under the deck and around your garden tools. You’ll then need to cover the ground underneath the deck with a geotextile fabric and crushed stones that will need to be tamped down. Use lattice to enclose the storage space and create a door in the lattice so you can get into the space.

Waterproof the Storage Space

If what you need to store isn’t waterproof, you’ll need to make sure that the storage space stays dry. You can install a waterproof membrane either on top of the deck or below the deck above the joists. This membrane can help to keep everything within the storage area dry. You may want to make sure that the membrane system covers the sides of the storage unit as well as the top if it needs to be completely waterproof.

Install Storage Under Your Deck

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