33 Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Design the kitchen of your dreams
Sep 9, 2021

You’re guaranteed to spend at least a little bit of time in your kitchen each day. This means you should think of functionality and aesthetics when considering kitchen enhancements.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the trendy kitchens gracing home design publications, you’ll know that neutral tones are in and hardwood flooring is out. Homeowners in 2020 were all about storage with 94% working on cabinets according to a Houzz Trend Report.

From warm tones to cool tones and farmhouse chic to modern industrial, we have all the inspo you’ll need to help you get started on your next remodel. Love the space you live in with these 33 kitchen remodel ideas that will inspire you to get to renovating.

1. Shake It Up With Unique Backsplash

Blue cabinets with light blue backsplash

Photo by House Beautiful

Add a splash of cover with interesting geometric backsplash.

2. Install Additional Lighting

Gray slick cabinets

Make sure you get enough light in your kitchen with additional light fixtures.

3. Let In Light With Large Windows

Light kitchen with large window

Turn to natural light to light up your space with large windows.

4. Go Neutral

White kitchen steel appliances

Neutral kitchen cabinets and backsplash give you freedom down the road to add splashes of color with small appliances, decor, and decorative hand towels.

5. Go For Grates

Dark blue cabinets and gold grates

Photo by House Beautiful

Add cabinets that have grates on the front.

6. Add Brick Backsplash

Kitchen with brick backsplash

Add backsplash that appears like exposed brick to add character to a modern space.

7. Add Greenery

Blue cabinets with light blue backsplash

Photo by House Beautiful

Bring greenery into your home and bask in the benefits of houseplants.

8. Add Skylights for Extra Light

White kitchen with wine fridge

Pull in a little extra natural light with skylights.

9. Pick a New Color Scheme

Blue cabinets with light blue backsplash

Photo by House Beautiful

Change up your existing space with a bit of paint.

10. Don’t Forget Storage

Pull out drawers

Photo by House Beautiful

Enhance your storage options for convenience.

11. Go Bold or Go Home

Blue cabinets with light blue backsplash

Photo by House Beautiful

Make a statement with bold blues.

12. Add Open Shelving

Open shelving in kitchen

Add open shelving to display items or make often-used items more easily accessible.

13. Make It Cohesive

Interesting backsplash

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure all the elements come together and look good when paired.

14. Play With Texture

Blue cabinets with light blue backsplash

Photo by House Beautiful

Add exposed stone or brick walls.

15. Add Greenery Throughout

Earth tone open shelving in kitchen

Adding greenery can brighten up your kitchen.

16. Add Gold Accents

Gold and white kitchen oven

Gold accents are especially pretty when paired with white cabinets.

17. Try Out Functional Yet Unique Storage Solutions

Blue cabinets with light blue backsplash

Photo by House Beautiful

Make a statement with your storage.

18. Add a Splash of Color With Bright Appliances

Bright red appliance in kitchen

Your appliances can add (or detract) from your space. Choose wisely.

19. Add a Kitchen Island

Gray kitchen

Add a kitchen island to your home for additional space to both prep and enjoy your meals.

20. Pick Interesting Cabinet Knobs

Blue kitchen with butcher block countertops

Cabinets can be enhanced with cabinet knobs. This is a more affordable way to make a small change in your kitchen that does a lot for the overall appearance of your space.

21. Add an Interesting Sink

Dark kitchen with red accents

Pick a sink that fits the overall look you’re hoping to achieve with your kitchen.

22. Install Interesting Light Fixtures

Interesting light fixture in kitchen

Interesting light fixtures can enhance the entire appearance of your kitchen.

23. Add Lighting to Your Cabinets

Lights in cabinet in kitchen

Lighting within cabinets can be used to not only make it easier to find items but can also be used to showcase items if the cabinet has a glass front.

24. Don’t Forget Flooring

U-shaped kitchen with blue and gray tones

Consider your flooring and rugs when remodeling your kitchen.

25. Install Interesting Tile

Cozy neutral kitchen

Photo by House Beautiful

Go for tile in your kitchen that is both unique but complementary to your cabinet choice.

26. Use Exposed Pipes as Functional Decor

Natural blue kitchen

Photo by House Beautiful

Use exposed pipes to both create a specific look and feel in your kitchen and also act as a functional spot to hang cups.

27. Install Two-Tone Cabinets

Blue and whtie kitchen

Photo by House Beautiful

Consider installing cabinets in two different colors that complement one another.

28. Consider the Kitchen Layout

Black and white kitchen

Photo by House Beautiful

A full remodel is the time to really consider your kitchen’s current layout and make any changes you see fit.

29. Pick a Soft Green

Green kitchen

Photo by House Beautiful

Soft green colors can make a kitchen feel more relaxed and homey.

30. Fix Hard-to-Reach Cabinet Problems

Storage corner in kitchen

Photo by Ideal Home

Fix the problem of hard-to-reach cabinet spots with new cabinets.

31. Play With Texture and Color

Rustic kitchen in blue

Photo by Ideal Home

Make an intriguing and unique space by bringing together unexpected textures and colors.

32. Include Clever Storage Fixes

Pull out storage

Photo by House Beautiful

Include clever storage fixes in your kitchen that make using your kitchen easier.

33. Select a Mint Green Cabinet Color

Mint green kitchen

Photo by Ideal Home

If you don’t like the look of the currently trendy gray kitchens, go for mint green instead.

Ready to Renovate Your Kitchen?

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