Roof Repair Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Nov 15, 2021

Of the many maintenance projects a homeowner has to think about and prioritize, roof
repair should rank high on the list. After all, a sturdy and dependable roof can help ensure
you and your possessions remain safe and dry. Just like roofing insurance, the importance of roof repair cannot be overstated.

If you are considering a roof repair project, you need to ensure things are done accordingly
the first time around. Otherwise, you might end up spending more. So when working on
that roof repair project, below are some of the most common roof repair mistakes you
should avoid at all costs.

Mistake #1

Not Putting the Project Scope in Writing

Surprisingly, many people put blind trust in the contractors they work with. Often,
homeowners don’t ask questions because they lack the technical knowledge and would
rather not embarrass themselves. In addition, they also don’t put the project scope in
writing. As a result, they leave all decision-making to the roofing contractor.

Most of the time, contractors make scope decisions based on what they think the
homeowners want. Unfortunately, this setup can sometimes turn into a costly mess. That
said, don’t hesitate to put all the scope, steps, and work to be done in writing. This also ensures nothing gets overlooked before repair work starts.

Mistake #2

Not Researching Your Options

Often, homeowners work with roofers because someone they know recommended them.
The problem with this setup is your roof issue can be different. If anything, there is no such
thing as a generic application across all homes. That said, it is ideal that you do your
research and check out some of their work before signing on the dotted line.

Go over the list of roofers you have shortlisted and check out references, business licensing,
and feedback from former clients. Find out if there are any issues former clients have and
how it was resolved. The internet is a very powerful tool, so use it to your advantage. Doing
some online research might just save you thousands of dollars.

Mistake #3

Choosing a Roofer Based on Cost Alone

Men working on repairing roof

While not true in all cases, more often than not, low bidders produce low-quality work.
That said, it is recommended that you don’t pick a roofer based on cost alone. Pick a roofer
based on references, skills, certifications, and performance. Then compare costs when the
choice is close between two roofing contractors.

Mistake #4

Having Roofer Work Done Without a Warranty

The roofer you will choose should provide a warranty on the work they will carry out.
Simply put, a warranty is a legal agreement that the contractor will fix any mistakes in their
work without further cost. Without any warranties, you are setting yourself up for stress
and headaches down the road.

Mistake #5

Working With a Cheap Roofer Without Insurance or Licensing

Working with a roofer without licensing or insurance might seem like a cost-effective
option. However, the opposite is true. Keep in mind that the risks involved are massive
when working with a roofer without licensing or insurance. Consider this: without
licensing, there is no guarantee the job will be carried out properly.

Hiring a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When it comes to roof repair, never take any chances. It pays to remember that making any
of the mistakes above can cost you thousands of dollars in damage down the road. Roof
repairs don’t have to be costly. However, you need to make sure you are working with the
best roofing contractor you can find.

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