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Handyman Services: the Best Way to Protect Your Biggest Investment

The benefits of hiring a handyman Homeowners know just how expensive it can be to keep your house looking good inside and out. In fact, it can often seem like an unending task to keep your home maintained. It’s like magic: as the moment you repair one thing, something else needs your attention. It’s enough […]

Pros & Cons Of Wood Laminate Flooring

Your guide to wood laminate flooring There’s never a bad time to consider renovating your home. Many homeowners choose to renovate piece by piece over the course of time. When it comes to renovating your floors, wooden floors may seem like a great option. Wood floors look great, last for decades, and add a strong […]

How To Fix A Leaky Faucet

All the supplies you’ll need to tackle a leaky faucet Certain noises are almost universally recognized. Sounds like a person’s laughter, the boom of thunder, or a dog barking in the distance. Of these recognizable sounds, a leaking faucet is one homeowners dread hearing. Many restless nights have been caused by the constant dripping of […]

Furniture Assembly Tips

How to easily and quickly assemble furniture Just about every has bought a shelf, table, or chair from a big box store. This furniture usually come in flat boxes, contains vague instructions, and almost always missing parts. After years of assembling these random pieces of furniture, we’ve learned a thing or two on how to […]

Painting Like A Pro: Getting The Right Tools

The basic painting tools you’ll need to get started Everyone has that family member who can, “Paint like a pro!” And it’s usually that same family member who ends up ruining the bathroom walls and somehow painting the dog. Unfortunately, you can’t learn how to paint like a pro from reading a blog or watching […]

How To Hang Multiple Pictures Evenly

Decorate your home—perfectly Have you ever been in a friend’s house and noticed something a little off with the photos hanging on their wall? No, not their weird looking uncle in the family picture. I’m talking about their picture frames being off balance. No matter what you do to ignore it, once you see the […]